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Expressions of Doubt is the
Collaborative Studio Practice of:


Rahul S. Shinde is currently operating as an expanding digital studio for Expressions of Doubt. Contents include: a working directory of current visual / text based collateral, transcripts from recent studio visits, and links to past (archived) itterations of the studio.

Expressions of Doubt functions in conjunction with other artists or clients, emphasizing a self-reflexive practice geared towards developing an understanding of the designer / client relationship. Through a rigorous immersion within collaborative settings, Expressions of Doubt seeks to create nuanced working spaces (both public and private).

Digital Studio Hours


11am to 8 or 9pm (EST)


11am to 6 or 7pm (EST)


By Appointment Only

Working Directory

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Recent Studio Visits

w/ Sami Alwani on 2017.06.20 @ 11:00am (EST) w/ Vijay Masharani on 2017.05.28 @ 5:00pm (EST) w/ Isabel Lederman on 2017.05.14 @ 11:00am (EST) w/ Lukas Eigler Harding on 2017.04.28 @ 9:00am (EST) w/ Lily Clark on 2017.04.22 @ 11:00am (EST)

Past Iterations

January 2016 - May 2016

Initial Proposal

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Expressions of Doubt is currently undergoing significant re-construction and will remain closed until development has been completed. In the meantime, a large portion of the work previously contained on this site can be seen here.

Projected re-launch: Early 2018